At Cecilia Russo Marketing, we help businesses in the B2B, B2C, healthcare, event and tech spaces achieve their communication goals. We are committed to making you the leader in your local industry through reputation building and successful communication.

From entertainment to logistics, we’ve got you covered.

Cecilia Russo Marketing’s seasoned team is knowledgeable in every practice. We can help your business achieve your marketing objectives and gain increased visibility. We are experts in media relations, storytelling and creating awareness.

Please note that we do not work for competing organizations. We serve our clients exclusively in each respective industry. If you would like more information or a free business assessment, please contact us today.

These are the industries in which we serve our clients:

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations IndustriesPublic Relations Industries
Public Relations IndustriesPublic Relations Industries
Public Relations IndustriesPublic Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries

Public Relations Industries


Architects are the strategic masterminds behind every building, whether commercial or residential, that we see in town. While each architect’s work is outstanding, oftentimes these creative geniuses never receive any applause. With the perfect marketing plan, we can allow your name to be heard and help you win highly desired projects. We have extensive knowledge of the architecture practice specifically in historic preservation and commercial design, We are aware of the awards that professionals in the industry can apply for, and we strive to stay updated with the local, regional and international trends that the architecture industry is experiencing.

Arts and Culture

Are you allowing your talents to achieve maximum exposure? We love getting behind a passionate client and unveiling their skills to the world. We have served a variety of creatives in a plethora of specialties. We understand the uniqueness that each artist strives to establish for oneself when it comes to positioning. With an in-depth knowledge of the crevices of the arts and entertainment industries, we are your go-to team for strategic planning and excellent media relations to secure you or your firm the press that you need.
Becoming a major competitor in the automotive industry requires unique positioning and creative strategies. We have helped our clients in this industry win awards, host community events and gain local recognition for their business and marketing achievements. With a demand for environmentally friendly technologies and safety standards, automotive companies need to constantly communicate to target audiences their goals and achievements in the industry. We can help you stay updated with new policies and laws that might affect your business, secure impactful media spots that shed positivity on your firm and distinguish your company from the competitors in your market.


From local one-man firms to massive, multi-department companies, our team of business experts can guide you through the ins and outs of your communication needs. Professionals and firms must constantly seek new opportunities and new awards and create new connections to remain on top. Transparency is key in the business industry, and effective communication can help you achieve this goal. Reaching target audience members is becoming harder with a changing media landscape and a shift to the digital sphere. Our firm is constantly adapting to the constant changes, and we can help you do the same.


It is imperative for commercial and residential construction companies alike to practice strategic listening in order to remain up to date on what consumers are demanding from the industry. The practice goes hand in hand with design, and construction professionals should be aware of trends in both industries. As the demand for eco-friendly technique and supplies increases, firms will have to adapt to remain successful. Additionally, new technologies for this sector are increasing, and companies will need to be the first with these innovations to appeal to target customers. Our team will assist you in becoming top-of-mind in a competitive field through organic growth and positive press.


We have experience with clients in the private, public and special education sectors. Our team understands the importance of trust and credibility in a field centered around children. We push our clients in the industry to constantly seek updates regarding new laws and regulations that affect the sector. While there is almost always news to be shared with our education clients, being selective with which news is most appropriate at what times is crucial. Public relations can be the difference that makes your organization or institution stand out amongst competitors.

Events and Conferences

Planning an event requires meticulous preparation, endless details and an enormous amount of flexibility. Event planning is one of our specialties, however. From strategizing to scheduling, we have years of experience in planning every detail of your special occasion. Besides booking a vendor and coming up with an incredible itinerary, we also realize the importance of having backup and emergency plans, the necessary insurance and, of course, beautiful invitations. We are also always seeking new technologies and innovations that have major implications for the way events are held and the potential experiences that guests can have. Your event deserves to be on every calendar in town, and we can help you do just that.


Brilliant innovations are constantly being introduced in the healthcare industry. Our health and wellness clients are the leaders and the trendsetters because, as a unit, we help them remain on the cutting edge side of the industry. We highlight innovation, discuss health and policy issues and create strategic partnerships to help our clients become top firms in the industry. Securing media spots for your firm isn’t hard when you have a team of experts turning your knowledge and information into a story that everyone is interested in.


It’s easy to make a dreamy destination into a perfect story, but it can be challenging or a local hotel to stand out amongst a sea of competitors. We have an eye for giving your brand a spin and positioning you as a leading firm in your industry, despite the number of competitors that you might face. We constantly seek new partnerships for our clients that garner media interest and are beneficial for both parties involved.


The legal world has unending sides and specialties. From entertainment law to divorce counsel, our lawyers and legal professionals are always trusted by the community, respected by their clients and award-winning individuals. We understand what it takes to earn teh respect of the public and maintain the community’s support. We know how to transform industry jargon into powerful stories that are placed in impactful media. We also assist our legal clients in extending their knowledge to the community through speaking engagements and local partnerships that are mutually beneficial.


Logistics firms can either be behind the scenes or they can be in front of the public. Our logistics clients are constantly in front of the public’s eye for the outstanding work that they do. Through strong media relations and a thorough knowledge of the industry’s press landscape, we can help your business secure press spots in publications that will reach your target audiences. We strive to help each client create a community partnership that takes your business to a more local and personalized level and creates more opportunities for your business to be seen.


We are passionate about the nonprofit sector both on a local and a national scale. We believe in bridging the gap between the nonprofit and for-profit industries by establishing successful partnerships for our clients. We are creative experts at coming up with compelling written pieces that move target audiences and the greater community to make a difference. We can help you start a conversation that impacts the success of your fundraising, community engagement and public understanding.

Real Estate

Real estate is booming, changing and becoming more competitive every day. We recognize the intersection between this industry and cultural trends, as well as, political and economic changes that occur daily. We are experts at keeping our clients in this industry aware of the changing technologies that affect the field and the awards that are available for real estate professionals. By helping you determine your business goals, secure the right media coverage and initiate meaningful partnerships, your firm can be positioned as a leader in the field.


Being an outstanding brand isn’t enough anymore. Consumers are looking to spend their dollars with retailers who can simplify and personalize the buying experience. The retail industry competes in an incredibly convenient online market. Businesses have to be ready to move into the digital marketplace and adapt to an ever-changing client base. Simultaneously, consumers are constantly searching for responsible and caring brands to purchase from. Taking proactive steps to ensure that your business doesn’t become outdated is crucial. Additionally, being knowledgeable about your local marketplace and being involved in it are musts.


The lingo of professionals in the technology industry isn’t always easily translated to the public. Our team is aware of the barriers that technology companies face when relaying news, and we have become experts at crafting your information into meaningful stories for others to understand. As a field that is changing constantly, we recognize the importance of staying up to date with industry trends, planning for future changes and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving field.