From brand-building strategy to reputation management, Cecilia Russo Marketing leverages traditional and social channels to engage with key publics, consistently exceeding client expectations.

Meet Cecilia Russo Turner

Based in Savannah, GA and founded in 2008, Cecilia Russo Marketing is a small firm with big expertise and a hands-on approach that delivers results. Owner and principal, Cecilia Russo Turner, was born and raised in Savannah and understands the local trends and happenings to help businesses and organizations build and manage their reputations in the community and online.

Celebrating 15 Years!

To celebrate 15 successful years in business, Cecilia Russo Marketing awards $15,000 of grants to three Georgia small businesses to close National Entrepreneurship Month. “We were overwhelmed by the state-wide response to our grant program, receiving over 630 applications from passionate entrepreneurs from as far north as Calhoun, Georgia to as far south as Valdosta, Georgia and everywhere in between,” said Russo Turner.

The recipients of the grant are Carmella Alexander of C.A Publishing, Maggie Lilly of Party of Hive, and Rickey Brown III of RBIII Academy. C.A Publishing authors inclusive children’s stories for those with disabilities. They will use the grant to produce story dolls for children with limited mobility. Party of Hive crafts delicious granola with local honey and gluten-free oats. Their grant will boost outreach, expanding their website and wholesale accounts across Georgia and North Carolina. RBIII Academy offers music lessons for all ages and skill levels. The Cecilia Russo Marketing grant will buy instruments and technology for the students as well as allow the academy to create a subsidized program for students in need.

In a time when the media has become the most compelling force in forging public opinion, it is crucial to make sure that your message is delivered in the most effective and measurable way.