In a time when the media has become
the most compelling force in forging public opinion,
it is crucial to make sure that your message
is delivered in the most effective way.

Savannah’s premier reputation management company, Cecilia Russo Marketing, LLC was founded by Cecilia Russo Turner in 2008. The firm helps organizations increase their visibility in the community and globally online through key reputation management strategies.

Cecilia Russo Marketing puts the power of publicity to work for our clients, helping organizations, businesses and individuals move the needle and achieve their specific communications objectives.

The Secret to Success is Cecilia Russo Marketing’s 3-Step Approach:

  1. Comprehensive Marketing Assessment: Data gathering to target key areas for recognition, change, and growth.
  2. Executive Overview of Marketing Tactics to Implement: A detailed analysis of what your internal team can implement TOMORROW and the strategies we recommend to strengthen your brand message in the future.
  3. A Year-Long Public Relations, Networking & Social Media Plan: Understanding what announcements, events or awards you need to actively pursue in building your brand.

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Cecilia Russo Marketing