(Savannah, Ga.) Xcel Strategies, a Savannah-based mentoring network founded to support students aged 15-25 and fuel them with purpose and passion to reach their full potential, held their annual Xcel South Georgia Summit at Kehoe Iron Works at Trustees’ Garden. Thanks to Title Sponsor Mingledorff’s for making this event possible.

The Xcel South Georgia Summit was a half-day event that brought together students, mentors, educators, and community leaders to discuss career opportunities in construction, manufacturing, automotive and logistics.

“We were excited to host our annual Xcel South Georgia Summit and bring together a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about supporting youth in our community,” said Jay Thompson, Founder and CEO of Xcel Strategies. “We believe that mentoring is essential to helping young people reach their full potential, and we hope that this event inspired more people to get involved in the trades.”

For the 2023 South Georgia Summit, Xcel took a fresh approach with a conference-like format. This included engaging networking and expo sessions so students could connect with supporters of Xcel and explore potential future opportunities. The summit also included two dynamic, insightful panel discussions on construction, manufacturing and logistics led by partner companies who have contributed to Xcel’s mentoring and training.

The event concluded with a luncheon where Xcel celebrated outstanding individuals with five awards. Three Student of the Year honorees were recognized, one from Bryan, Effingham and Chatham counties. Additionally, a Champion of Community was honored. Exciting announcements were also made regarding Xcel’s new manufacturing training program and an innovative Effingham County mobile training unit.

“We’re excited about the new format of this year’s South Georgia Summit. The networking sessions were an excellent opportunity for local business leaders to get to know the outstanding students in our program. They’re well-trained, enthusiastic to work, and have such an inspiring outlook on their future,” said Xcel Strategies Summit Director Phillip Scroggin II.

The South Georgia Summit is organized by Xcel Strategies, a Savannah-based mentoring network that provides support and resources to students aged 15-25. The organization’s mission is to fuel young people with purpose and passion to reach their full potential. For more information, visit www.xceltoday.com

Xcel Strategies Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a transformative program for young people between the ages of 15 and 25 that supports them with entry-level jobs and essential skills training, paving the way for successful careers in trade industries such as construction, electrical work, automotive repair and plumbing. Xcel exists to fuel young people with purpose and passion to reach their full potential through a network of wise, seasoned, and trained mentors. Since launching in 2012, Xcel has experienced remarkable growth. Xcel’s mentoring occurs in community partnership locations in South Georgia, North Georgia and South Florida using mobile training units specific to individual trades. Groups are mentored, with individual attention provided as needed. For more information, visit www.xceltoday.com

Cynthia Cradduck, Managing Partner of Cecilia Russo Marketing